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Netflix invests in creating and giving a third-party platform to stories that connect people and cultures from around the world. Imagine this product can help the families and friends share their experience with content such as series television shows and movies they love... My task is to design a platform where the community can celebrate shared stories together through communal and authentic experiences. 

Our solution

Do you miss movie nights during a lockdown? Sharemo is a desktop app that allows users to watch content together remotely and privately. Users can easily start watch parties and engage in real-time conversations before, during and afterward the parties. They can also get a unique and memorable review at the end of the watch.

prototype made by ningyue 



Secondary Research
User Interview
Journey Mapping
Actionable Insights

Crazy 8’s Ideation

User Testing


Empathize & Define

What do people use to hold virtual watch parties now and what's wrong?

Netflix Party is what most people use to hold virtual watch parties nowadays. It is a third-party plugin for web browsers. Anyone with a Netflix account can join a watch party via a link. Members can synchronize the video, playback, and text-chat on a side panel. However, there are some problems with it.

  • Users can just type, no video or audio

  • Can't get full-screen if you want to chat.

  • Can't explore other videos on Netflix while using Netflix Party

“It works but I feel like we are just watching at the same time, for me and my buddies, it lacks interaction and engagement. ”

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 1.28.02 AM.png

Contextual Analysis

I talked with     of my friends who likes watching movies / TV series and had the experience of attending virtual movie parties. 2 of them watched with family and 3 of them watched with friends. I tried not only to gather pain points from the journey but also to look for new opportunities of the online mode.



What they expect-


What they actually get-


“We bet on the TV shows like the Voice, we dressed up and took selfies. Now I'm in another city. Really miss my family watch party!”


“The good thing is we can have a virtual party any time, in our own houses, and it's never late to ask others to join. ”

How might we...

Group 76.png

Throw a party easily

Muitiple ways to create / join / retrieve a watch party. Show friends who are available and recommend movies according to shared interests.


Group 75.png

Stimulate interesting interaction / conversation

Gamify the watch experience to encourage all the users join the discussion, share their feelings and opinions. Text+Audio+Video.


Group 73.png

Make each party unique and memorable

Prompt subjective and objective topics according to the plots. Customized room and experience for each watch party.



Ideate & Design

Run a Crazy Eights session to generate crazy design ideas!

Since time is very limited, we have to brainstorm in couple of hours. We applied the crazy eights sessions to make members generate as many ideas as possible.

Supplies:       Paper/screen, pens, sticky 'dots'


Ask the everyone to sketch 8 quick ideas in 8 minutes

Ask people to present their top three ideas to the group

Give people more time to sketch out their three favourite ideas further

Ask people to present further ideas to the group

Give everyone 3 sticky dots to vote on their favourite ideas out of the whole group

One of my 8s

After the final voting, we decided on the priority of all the ideas we generated. We would focus on the top ideas 'Multiway Start', 'Guess Game', and 'Edge of Glory'. We would develop other ideas based on how much time we have.


Develop key scenarios and complete the whole story

Based on these selected features, we tried to streamline the user story. After that, we developed the site map and focused on designing interfaces about key scenarios.



Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 11.50.58

Iterate & Finalize

I took the interfaces of key scenarios to users for Improvement

Though we just have very rough screens, we decided to run a user test to validate our design. We took a set of wireframe screens (which represents three key scenarios) to three users. To our surprise

To Be Continued
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