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Due to Non-Disclosure Agreement, I'm unable to show my projects in detail (including data, sketch, interfaces.) I would focus on the overview and reflection of my internship at Tesla. Thanks for your interest!



Introduce My Team

I interned at Tesla Service & Support Team. My team owns 10+ products that enable and speed up Tesla service and support. We aim at providing intuitive and powerful tools for all Tesla folks and partners, thus bringing satisfaction to all our customers and external partners.

Internship Overview

During my 6-month internship, I worked on 3 projects concerning Tesla Global Support and Service (include vehicle and energy). I created a new product that's used by both customers and Tesla to track and resolve customer issues. I also designed new features for existing products. In addition, I contributed to Tesla Enterprise Design System. But unfortunately, I’m unable to show details online due to NDA.


Intern Orientation

Tesla factory virtual tour


My Projects (NDA)

Design A Product to Track and Resolve Customer Tickets


The main product I worked on is a CRM portal that helps connect customers to our agents and technicians, manages all kinds of customer data + assets information, and tracks customer concerns. We aimed at making it easier and faster for the user to get the information they need and then help customers solve their problems.


Stakeholder Interview

Persona &






Add New Features to Existing Products


I was responsible for three existing products. I worked with 2 product managers and 3 developer teams in an agile environment. We added new features to existing designs, re-designed screens as the requirements changed, or the project scope changed, and we re-skin old products which aren't friendly to use. A small fraction of my work-

  • Add e-commerce data section to agent's support portal

  • Improve the vehicle damage estimation flow for repair service portal.

  • Enhance working efficiency by designing search and filter in technician's everyday tool

  • Re-imagine the layout and design of a work planning tool due to the requirement changes

Contribute to Tesla Enterprise Design Library


As more and more products being developed, we sensed an urgent need to build an enterprise design system to make both design and development efficient. With a shared design system and re-usable components, designers may easily achieve consistency, and developers can save tons of time using standardized pieces.

I initiated the process to build the enterprise UI system by doing research, making plans and set criteria. I've been working with another two designers in my team to build up the design library gradually.


Enterprise Design System- foundations

Thanks for reading!

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